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Essential Oil Diffuser

World's only Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser available now!
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 Absolute Atmosphere

A new ultrasonic diffuser that ensures sustainability plus optimum therapeutic benefits

The new Absolute Atmosphere ultrasonic diffuser is an eco-friendly ceramic unit, which draws water from a thick cotton wick for efficient molecular dispersion via a medical grade stainless steel spray mesh, without heat. It is designed to be powered via a universal USB plug and can be easily connected to mainline power via a regular mobile phone adaptor. This gives the added advantage of making diffusion as versatile as you need it to be - hotels, cars, international destinations, possibly even airplanes!

Better than traditional low-heat models, ultra-sonic diffusers offer:

  • zero heat expansion on therapeutic plant oil molecules (optimum absorption into your body)
  • negative ions that neutralise the effects of harmful free radicals in the atmosphere.

But beware, because almost all available models have plastic parts that do not support long-term therapeutic use or sustainable living:

  • Plastic interiors deteriorate and become sticky
  • Plastic is the world's number one non-degradable problem.

The advantages of an Ultrasonic diffuser over a Traditional diffuser?

  1. They protect the molecular integrity of essential oils

This new type of diffusion uses no heat. They supersede the traditional low-heat T-lights and plug-in diffusers (which cause the oils to vaporise at a low, slow heat) by simply using ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the oils in water and cause the separation of water and oil particles into the air.

It is important to understand that plant molecules expand with heat and this can make them less able to integrate with body systems. This is why we go to such lengths to establish artisan, slow, low-heat production from our essential oil suppliers: in addition to being organic and pure, this added differentiation makes a medicinal extract of superior therapeutic value.

  1. They help neutralise positively-charged free radicals in the atmosphere

When water molecules are separated by ultrasonic vibration, negative ions are released into the air. This is significant because the balance of positively and negatively charged molecules in the air around us can substantially affect the wellbeing of both plants and animals. In short, positive ions are bad for us (free radicals) and negative ions will neutralise them. The more negative ions we have in our atmosphere, the more vitalised and healthy we feel. With positive ions being produced all around us (by computers, electricity, air-conditioning etc.), replenishing the environment with negative ions is health care in itself.

  1. They are easier to keep clean than nebulisers and candle diffusers

The use of essential oils for genuine therapeutic benefit has a focus on purity and integrity from the soil, to the bottle, to the package… and ultimately to the handling. Other diffusers on the market are hard to clean. Nebulisers have multiple parts that need to be dismantled, cleaned, dried and reassembled and low-heat burners can hard-dry the oil residue and make it hard to remove. It is possible that your dirty diffuser will compromise the integrity of your pure, organic oils. Absolute Atmosphere is super easy, just change the water and the cotton wick and you have an as new unit. Plus, we believe that to be sustainable, health care measures need to be convenient and simple to implement.


Dr Bo Hendgen


  • RRP $129.95
  • Medical grade stainless steel spray mesh
  • Water cylinder volume: 80 ml
  • Oscillator material: Steel (304)
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Electric Current: <500mA
  • Water consumption: 50ml/90mins
  • Automatic switch off when empty
  • Replenish water every 2-3 hours



  • RRP $149.95
  • Medical grade stainless steel spray mesh
  • Water cylinder volume: 150 ml
  • Oscillator material: Steel (304)
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Electric Current: <500mA
  • Water consumption: 50ml/90mins
  • Automatic switch off when empty
  • Replenish water every 4-5 hours

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