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CoQ10 Supplement for Male and Female Reproductive Health |Blackmores 150mg

CoQ10 Supplement for Male and Female Reproductive Health |Blackmores 150mg
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Powerful antioxidant support for reproductive health - 30 capsules
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Coenzyme Q10 Provides Antioxidant Support for Men and Women

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 as it is often called, is a nutrient-like coenzyme that plays a key role in the production of 95% of the energy needed by your cells, including sperm and egg cells. It is also a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from oxidative stress that may damage fragile eggs and sperm. Age, stress, and statin drugs can all cause your CoQ10 levels to deplete.

CoQ10 Is the Energy Powerhouse

We ingest CoQ10 naturally in our diet through the consumption of meat, fish, and certain vegetables and fruit. Present in each cell of your body, CoQ10 plays a key role in energy production. Particularly prevalent in mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, CoQ10 is a component of the electron transport chain responsible for generating energy in the cells. Levels of CoQ10 tend to diminish as you age, resulting in reduced cellular energy capacity. CoQ10 also functions as an antioxidant, decreasing the damaging effects of free radicals on the reproductive system.

CoQ10 Supports Male Reproductive Health

A number of studies have examined the role of CoQ10 in relation to male reproductive health. One study published in Fertility & Sterility revealed that men with lower-than-normal levels of CoQ10 in their seminal fluid tend to have sperm with low motility. Fortunately, the study also found that by supplementing with CoQ10 (200 mg/day), subjects experienced a significant increase in sperm motility. Another study published in the Journal of Andrology examined the results on sperm health on men supplementing with 300 mg of CoQ10 daily. In addition to a significant increase in sperm motility, this study also indicated a benefit to both sperm count and morphology.

CoQ10 and Female Reproductive Health

Oxidative stress may damage egg cells. CoQ10 may play a role in supporting antioxidant mechanisms that protect egg cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.


Adults – Take 1 capsule a day with a meal or as professionally prescribed 


Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10 150mg)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product for men or women?

CoQ10 can be used by both men and women to support reproductive health and wellness.

Can I take CoQ10 with prescription medicines?

There are no known contraindications – however, we do always recommend you consult with your prescribing doctor.

Can I take this with prenatal vitamins?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to take this along with your prenatal vitamins

When should I begin use?

CoQ10 is a daily use supplement, and you can begin use once received. For women, you can use the supplement throughout the course of your cycle -even during menstrual bleeding. 

Can I take CoQ10 when pregnant?

Once pregnancy is confirmed with either a blood or urine test, we recommend that you discontinue use of CoQ10.

Can I take CoQ10 during breastfeeding ?

We do not recommend using CoQ10 while breastfeeding.

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