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BabyDance Fertility Safe Lubricant – No Applicators (Expiry 25.04.24)

BabyDance Fertility Safe Lubricant – No Applicators (Expiry 25.04.24)
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The First Fertility-Friendly Lubricant Made Without Parabens
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BabyDance Sperm-Friendly Lubricant in an Easy Open and Close Tube – No Applicators Included

BD NeedFertilityLube 300x300The First Fertility-Friendly Lubricant Made Without Parabens*

Keep this tube of BabyDance on your nightstand for whenever the mood strikes. No need to mess with an applicator, this 40 gm tube of BabyDance has an easy open and close flip-top cap, and is designed primarily for external application. To supplement your natural lubrication with this sperm-friendly lubricant, apply as much lubricant as you want by hand to you and your partner prior to or during your baby dancing. This economical tube offers BabyDance at the lowest price per gram.

Don’t Let Your Lubricant Hold You Back From Getting Pregnant

When you are trying to conceive, making love tends to be less romantic and spontaneous, and more of a chore to be completed. Using a lubricant can help make the experience more pleasurable. When you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to understand that all lubricants are NOT created equal, and you need to be discerning when selecting a lubricant to use when baby dancing.

Most everyday lubricants have a low pH and very high salt concentrations, and are harmful to sperm. It goes without saying that using one of these everyday lubricants when you are trying to get pregnant is counterproductive – you don’t want your lubricant to make it harder for you to get pregnant! The class of lubricants specifically designated as fertility lubricants undergo specialized testing to ensure that they won’t harm sperm or eggs. BabyDance has a pH of ~7 and mimics the consistency of your cervical secretions, which help the sperm to swim through your cervix to meet the egg for conception. Not only does BabyDance mimic your own body fluids, it contains no ingredients that can be harmful to eggs or sperm. Being cleared for fertility (PEB category) is a sure way to know a lubricant, such as BabyDance, is safe to use when you are trying to conceive.

Avoid Parabens, Especially When Preparing for Pregnancy

babydance-parabensParabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s as preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria in cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and even lubricants. Known to be endocrine disrupters, parabens are sneaky in that they can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells, which may have implications for reproductive health and pregnancy wellness, as well as the health and development of a fetus. We’ve all been exposed to parabens and have to do our best to detox before conception, and continue to avoid exposure to these chemicals during conception and pregnancy. Needless to say, sending sperm through a lubricant that contains parabens on its way to the egg is ill advised!


babydance-sperm-count babydance-sperm-microscope babydance-nonfertility-lubricant babydance Tube
Make Every Sperm Count! For men with low sperm count, TTC can be more challenging simply based on numbers alone. BabyDance can make it an easier swim for sperm to meet egg. BabyDance and Sperm Under the Microscope. Human sperm in semen are readily able to swim into BabyDance Fertility Lubricant and penetrate the gel rapidly in high numbers following contact. A Leading Non-Fertility Lubricant and Sperm Under the Microscope. Sperm are immobilized and cannot penetrate the lubricant, stopping the conception process. When You Need a Little Help. No shame – sometimes the process of TTC can take a toll and your body might not produce all the natural fertile cervical mucus you need. BabyDance augments your fertile cervical mucus but won’t harm sperm or egg.

What Testing Does BabyDance Undergo to Qualify as a Fertility Lubricant?

The US FDA has a special category of medical devices, known as the PEB category, for lubricants designed to be used by couples who are trying to get pregnant. These PEB category lubricants, such as BabyDance, are tested extensively in development to ensure that they are safe for sperm, eggs and embryos. And, once these products are on the market, manufacturers of these fertility-friendly lubricants are required to confirm that each batch of product does not harm sperm or egg function.

Lubricants labeled as fertility- or sperm-friendly must be tested to ensure that the lubricant:

  • is pH neutral (pH 7) and isosmotic/isotonic (e.g. 300 mOsmo/kg) with fertile cervical mucus and semen to prevent shock and damage to sperm and eggs.
  • won’t interfere with human sperm motility, survival, or integrity.
  • is the correct viscosity to allow sperm to swim into and through the lubricant.
  • won’t interfere with embryo development.
  • is safe to use for in vitro fertilization and other fertility interventions.
  • is screened, both at time of production and throughout the shelf life of the lubricant, for endotoxins, which are toxins produced by bacteria that can harm sperm and egg function even at relatively low levels

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lubricant

When you are trying to conceive, the only sure way to know that your lubricant won’t harm sperm is to choose a lubricant that is verified to be fertility-friendly like BabyDance. We all know that reading labels and marketing information is confusing, so use this guide to avoid common mistakes when selecting a fertility-friendly lubricant:

1) Avoid lubricants with pH less than 7 and osmolality greater than 400 mOsm/kg as well as products with glycerol and other small penetrating chemicals.

2) Avoid confusing a lubricant labeled as non-spermicidal with a verified fertility-friendly lubricant

3) Avoid lubricants that are labeled as organic or natural but are not cleared as fertility lubricants, as only lubricants labeled as fertility friendly are required to undergo testing that shows the product won’t harm sperm or eggs

4) Avoid using household oils, as household oils often contain toxic peroxides and inflammatory chemicals that develop over time due to exposure to light, room temperature, and the purity of the oil.

Bottom line, identifying that a lubricant is verified to be fertility friendly is a sure way to know if that lubricant is safe to use when you are trying to conceive.

Does BabyDance Contain Added Artificial Fragrance?

BabyDance does not contain any added fragrance, although you might notice that the lubricant has a mild floral scent. Unlike other fertility lubricants that use harsh parabens as preserving agents, BabyDance includes a bio-identical compound found in roses as a natural preservative, which gives BabyDance a light scent of roses.

What to Expect When Using BabyDance?

BabyDance is pH-matched to your fertile quality cervical fluid and to your partner’s semen, both of which have a pH of approximately 7. Throughout most of your cycle, your vaginal pH is typically much lower than that – somewhere between about 4 and 5. But, during your fertile window, it’s important for your pH to rise to create a more friendly environment for sperm. When using BabyDance for the first time during their fertile window, most women don’t notice any unusual sensations. However, some women feel a warming sensation when first using BabyDance. This sensation is more likely to occur in women with poor quality cervical mucus or hormonal imbalances, or in those women whose vaginal tissues are easily irritated by semen during intercourse. In other words, if your pH has not naturally risen on its own during your fertile period, you might feel a warming sensation when applying BabyDance with a pH of 7. Most women find that this warming sensation decreases with subsequent uses of BabyDance, as the pH of their vaginal tissues become balanced to the higher pH required for conception. If you continue to experience irritation after using BabyDance, please discontinue use and refer to the product labeling for more information.

Patent 9,913,871babydance Chart


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